With one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S., demands on the Phoenix’s water resources will only increase in the coming years. PumpMan Waterworks has taken an active role in the development of new technologies that offer more efficient water systems. Our primary focus is to design systems that will save on operating costs and provide rehabilitation techniques on existing wells that will increase production and lower pumping costs.

Well Pump Repair – Pull pumps, inspect, rebuild, machine work, efficiency testing, electrical service and equipping.
Well Rehabilitation – Brush and bail, chemical treatment, zonal swab, air lifting, sonar jet, dry ice, water jetting, liner
Well Construction – Value Engineering, Well drilling, development, test pumping, design, mechanical and electrical equipping.
Machine Shop – Custom fabrication, welding, machine work

Other services include:

Well Video Logging
Brushing and Bailing
Chemical Treatments
Test Pumping, Spinner Logging and Depth Specific Sampling.
Dual Swab Airlift Cleaning
Well Casing Perforating
Well Sanitarty Seals
Well Modifications / Improve Lifespan and Water Quality
Well Liners
Casing Repairs- Swedge, Patching
Zone Isolation – Cementing, Inflatable Packer and K-Packer
*Talk about chemical treatments, spinner logging to identify poor water quality zones and possible solutions, seal off zones, etc.