Five Reasons to Schedule Planned Maintenance:

Most engineers and pump specialists consider efficiency, price, durability, and maintenance costs when designing pump systems. However, as we know, many older systems were not developed with these standards in mind, and now hang precariously on the edge of breakdown.

Scheduled maintenance programs, such as the services performed by PumpMan, have become the industry standard for extending the health and life expectancy of your pumps and pump systems.

While many customers may weigh the value versus cost of maintenance programs, here are five reasons Planned Maintenance Programs are a valuable component of smooth, and uninterrupted pump operation.

  1. Planned Maintenance Programs minimize the risk of failure by conducting a thorough inspection of your system regularly, identifying any potential issues before an emergency occurs. It is essential to regularly inspect pumps that operate in adverse conditions, or pumps that operate critical systems where failure results in the loss of asset use.
  2. Emergency repair is costly! Routine inspections and aggressive system management control the cost of repairs by spotting and fixing problems early.
  3. The value created from peace of mind far outweighs the cost of planned maintenance. Additionally, planned maintenance usually pays for itself in cost by catching problems before they become emergencies, and keeping systems online.
  4. With planned maintenance, you reduce the risk of down time. By having all system information recorded in advance, replacing or repairing equipment is expedited by ordering parts before failure, getting your pumps up and running faster.
  5. We’re experts in more than just planned maintenance. Having a specialized pump professional available 24/7 keeps pumps running and customers happy!