Waterlogging in the basement and at the workplace is a common issue many of us go through on a daily basis and without a high quality submersible pump at your fingertips there is always going to be hours of cleanup and water removal. Most people these days are wise about maintaining a clean and flood-free environment, but what should be done after something goes astray in your water pump? At PumpMan Socal we provide professional submersible pump repairs day and night for Los Angeles County residents. The next time your water pump gives you problems, call an expert to help you deal with the repairs. Of course you want to know what can be done to avoid the strenuous issue of faulty sump pumps, so here are some strategies to help you keep your pump from overflowing problems.

Tap to Reset

We know that you are more than likely to leave your sump pump switched on all the time and let it do the dirty work without your supervision, but sometimes the metal rods need a little push to start. Tap the discharge line that is coming out of the sump pit to turn on the submersible pump. The reason why it may be stuck is possibly due to light corrosion, tapping the line a little may help, so just wait and see if this helps empty out the pit without the need for a repair man.

Check Power Source

The power line is bound to go down at some point if you are constantly using it, so check your fuse box to make sure the fuse for the pump is not blown. If the pump is not working due to a blown fuse then reset the breaker. However, if the power is not the issue, then you may need to contact a pump repair specialist to determine the problem.

Clear Out Clogs

If the first two steps fail to make progress then you may need to check your system for debris. First unplug the submersible pump, wear a pair of gloves and remove it from the basin. If there is any debris stuck near or around the sump pump then simply dislodge the objects gently. If everything appears to look clean, lift the float switch to be sure it is going up and down properly and place the pump back in the basin. Dry your hands off and plug the system back in to test it. If the system does not work then you need a professional to check out your submersible pump.

Faulty sump pumps can be a big ordeal especially if you are not always around to keep an eye on things. If you are likely to use a sump pump on a daily basis then it is good to practice these strategies to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your system. At PumpMan Socal Inc. we want the best for your system, so if you are unsure how to handle any situation feel free to call on our submersible pump repairs team to help you get the job done.