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When you look back to all the earthquakes Southern California has encountered in the past few years, you start to realize just how unprepared all of us are. Homeowners should realize that anything can happen and we are in the hands of Mother Nature. After the earthquakes that shook Southern California recently, such as the 5.1 earthquake that struck near La Habra, we want to take the time to inform you about preparing your home for water damage and how to keep water out of your home or business.

After a big earthquake shakes your home the first thing you can do is be sure of your safety and all those around you, then it is on to check the interior of the home. In some areas you may realize that everything is perfectly fine, but if an old sewer line or underground pipe bursts then you can be in a whole heap of trouble, unless you have a handy sump pump. For example, in Fullerton a water main break near Rosecrans Avenue and Gilbert Street flooded the entire intersection of this area. According to ABC News, there was no significant water damage that occurred in the neighboring residential neighborhoods since water officials were called in to shut off the busted water line.

When Will A Submersible Pump Be Handy?

After an earthquake like last week, electricity is one of the important functions you need to be sure is still in full operating order, otherwise the sump pump cannot work unless it is battery-powered. Normally they are placed in areas of your home susceptible to collect unwanted groundwater. In the event of busted pipes, storm floods and water-based appliances burst it is best to have a full operating submersible pump to extract water from the home. Excess pooling at the foundation of your property can cause damage to the building’s structure, create mold and mildew and lead to a pricey repair bill after flood damage.

Sump pumps are usually placed in a small hole or pit that resides at the lowest point in your home or basement that immediately starts removing liquid when the water levels are higher than expected. The pump turns on an impeller (small fan) at the base of the pump and draws water into a venting pipe. The water is removed from the flooded area to nearby ground outside the building, or in some cases it is drained into a water receptacle. Meanwhile the force of the submersible pump continues the draining process until all water is removed.

Sump Pump Repair

Preparing your property for natural disasters should be a primary plan of attack against unwanted flooding, so it is important to ensure your pump has undergone professional maintenance and repairs. If your submersible is on its last leg or encountered damage from regular use, then the professionals at PumpMan Socal have the skills in sump pump repair for any submersible pump you may have. We will provide the mechanical repairs and parts of replacement, as well as show you how your submersible pump can help prevent water damage after any natural disaster. PumpMan Socal can repair, rebuild or upgrade your submersible pump to get the quality you expect, call our operators for sump pump repair services in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties.