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LA Fire Department Temporary Shelter Fire Watch Requirements

L.A.M.C. 57.915.2 Fire Watch, Authority to Require Fire Watch.

You are hereby directed from the Chief to implement a fire watch. A fire watch has been deemed necessary to assure minimum fire/life safety as regulated by this article.

L.A.M.C. 57.915.2.2 Fire Watch, Fire Watch Maintained Until Safe.

You are hereby directed to establish and maintain a Fire Watch continuously for 24 hours a day until such time that the Chief determines that the building or premises is safe from hazard to life or property, or when fire protection equipment or systems are installed and certified.

L.A.M.C. 57.915.3 Fire Watch, Responsibility for Instruction.

You are hereby directed to provide a minimum of number of qualified person(s) who shall assign to the fire watch as many personnel as are required by the Chief and shall instruct fire watch personnel as to:

    1. The procedures for notifying the Fire Department. Dial 911
    2. The area to be patrolled, (all shelter associated area’s).
    3. The method of alerting building occupants and evacuation procedures.
    4. A procedure shall be provided for the reactivating sprinkler valves in the event of fire when the sprinkler system has been taken out of service and any other instruction required by the Chief.

L.A.M.C. 57.915.4 Fire Watch, Log Book

You are hereby directed to provide and maintain a log book. The owner, manager or person in charge of the premises shall provide a log book which contains a directory of the names, telephones numbers, and other information to assist in making emergency calls and calls to key management personnel, and which shall be used to record a history of patrol rounds. The log book shall be maintained on the premises and be available for inspection by the Fire Department.

L.A.M.C. 57.915.5 Fire Watch, Specific Duty Requirements

You are hereby directed that assigned fire watch personnel shall:

      1. Be thoroughly familiar with the area they are patrolling.
      2. Perform patrol operations according to instructions form management.
      3. Patrol their designated area at least once each half hour.
      4. Make reports as instructed.
      5. Relay any special orders to relief personnel.
      6. Remain on duty until properly relieved.

For questions please contact the Los Angeles Fire Prevention Bureau, Research Unit at 213-978-3580.

Please download the PDF here.