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Sewage Pump Systems

PumpMan Socal is the company to call for Repair and or maintenance of pump systems, for 35 years they have been serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino areas. When it comes to sewage pumps, storm water pumps, booster pumps, AC pumps, irrigation pumps, water feature pumps, commercial pool pumps and others we are the one’s to call.

Let’s talk about Sewage pumps today!

Sewage pumps are used when you are unable to make gravity grade from plumbing fixtures to the city sewer main. The pump system usually consists of one or two submersible pumps that are located in a sump or vault, usually below ground. The sewage flows into the sump until it reaches a certain level; at that point a float switch activates the pumps to lift the sewage up to the gravity main sewer.

There are usually four float switches, the lower float is the off float, the next float up is the lead float, this float will bring on one pump and then alternate to the second pump every other time so they get equal run time and equal wear, you never want a pump to sit idle for long periods as it can corrode and lock up another words fail. This is why it is important to have a control panel that has the capability of alternating from the number one pump to the number two pump. In the case one of the pumps fail, the water level may rise up to the third float switch which will try to run both pumps, this is called the lag float switch.

The forth float up is the alarm float so in the case that both pumps fail the alarm will ring and warn of a potential flood situation. If the Sewer Ejector Pump System fails then it can result in very heavy damages by flooding the wastewater and sewage in your basements and crawlspaces. Flushing items such as mop fibers, diapers, feminine napkins, paper towels, papers, and other non-biodegradable materials will greatly affect the process of pumping. This may cause leaks, clogging and other sewage troubles.

Many homes that are below curb level have pump systems and most all commercial buildings that have subterranean parking or basements have sewage pump systems and or storm water pump systems. It is very important to have a Planned Maintenance Program to insure that the pump systems work when needed; most systems are forgotten about until they totally fail causing even more expense and frustration. PumpMan Socal services over 1000 pumps in Southern California. PumpMan Socal provides Planned Maintenance Programs to bring peace of mind that your pump system will perform when it is needed. PumpMan Socal is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are always there for our residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers.