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Authorized Service Center. More Services may be available, services may vary by location.

  • Pump Repair
  • Motor Rewinds/Repair
  • Controls
  • Valves
  • Seals
  • Alignments
  • Vac Truck Service
  • Line inspections
  • Well Rehab
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Pump System Analysis


At PumpMan we focus on the maintenance, repair and replacement of pumps, motors, controls, valves, water wells and other equipment used in water and wastewater systems. Our team of knowledgeable engineers and highly Trained Technicians enable PumpMan to solve your problems quickly and completely. Whatever your water and wastewater systems needs are, we have the capabilities to service, repair, upgrade and replace your components or systems while also providing solutions which will optimize energy efficiency, and water consumption. For water wells, commercial, industrial, and municipal water and wastewater system solutions Pumpman can meet your needs.


Downtime is costly, and water or wastewater systems reliability are essential to proper use of any facility or asset. When pumps, motors, valves, controls, or water systems are down or running inefficiently, PumpMan can provide you a quick response and ensure a proper repair to avoid the loss of use of any building, factory, well system or municipal facility. PumpMan service centers are experts in repairing, maintaining, or replacing water and wastewater equipment and systems. PumpMan can repair and source pumps, motors, controls, and valves from most manufacturers enabling a fast response and a timely repair.

Parts & Expertise

PumpMan stocks and has available pumps, motors, controls, valves, and replacement parts from a variety of manufacturer to support our customers’ needs and ensure a rapid response to service and repair calls. PumpMan’s project managers are available for audits and as project consultants to evaluate the efficiency of your operations and to make recommendations for more water and energy efficient upgrades.

Planned Maintenance

Water and wastewater systems require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns, costly repairs, and to ensure proper energy efficiency. PumpMan offers planned maintenance services which include noise and vibration monitoring, shaft alignment, checking for leaks and temperatures of motors and control panels, and measuring flows and pressure. For wastewater systems, in selected locations we are able to pump out wastewater sumps and clean debris to reduce the opportunity for clogging or ragging.

Equipment Sales

We sell a variety of equipment including pumps, motors, controls, valves etc. To find out if your location area sells what you need please follow the link.