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Axial Flow Pump Repair

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axial flow pump repair

PumpMan Socal is the industry’s best in axial flow pump repair. Axial Flow Pump has a propeller-type of impeller running in a casing. The pressure in an Axial Flow Pump is developed by the flow of liquid over the blades of impeller. The fluid is pushed in a direction parallel to the shaft of the impeller, that is, fluid particles, in course of their flow through the pump, do not change their radial locations. It allows the fluid to enter the impeller axially and discharge the fluid nearly axially. The propeller of an Axial Flow Pump is driven by a motor usually electric but can also be engine drive. Axial Flow Pumps are a very high flow, low head type of pump. Also called a propeller pump.


Axial Flow Pumps are usually single stage, high specific speed impeller for high flow low head.


Axial Flow Pumps are usually used for flood dewatering, power plant circulating water pump, evaporator services, and irrigation.

Recommended Media

Axial Flow Pumps pump water and relatively thin liquids. Can pump liquids with or without solids if proper impeller type is chosen.


Axial Flow Pumps are the best type to achieve very high flow rate with very low head, a hydraulic requirement needed for certain applications such as flood dewatering.

PumpMan Socal Axial Flow Pump Repair Services:

  • Onsite troubleshooting
  • Removal of Axial Flow Pump from jobsite (If required)
  • Complete disassembly and inspection including non-destructive testing and precise measuring.
  • Bead blasting and thorough cleaning of all Axial Flow Pump components and parts
  • Axial Flow pump parts fabrication or rebuilt (As necessary)
  • Shaft repairs and replacement to manufacturers specifications
  • Impeller trim and precision balancing
  • Special Coatings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Machine shop fully equipped providing professional rebuild capabilities
  • Motor analysis, rebuild, repairs and replacements
  • Reassembly
  • Delivery and installation as requested

PumpMan Socal can repair, rebuild, redesign, or upgrade your Axial Flow Pump to get it back in service as quick as possible with the reliability that you expect. We stand behind every rebuild or repair with our 100% workmanship guarantee. PumpMan Socal’s Planned Maintenance Programs create peace of mind and system longevity.