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Reliability & Maintenance Programs are More Important in COVID Times

With today’s supply chain issues, one sure way to minimize disruptions to daily facilities operations and maximize efficient electric motors and machinery is to think “reliability.” In this context, reliability means the “application of knowledge and technology to identify correctible conditions that would otherwise lead to failure, thus extending the life of a company’s assets” (Bethel, “How to Use Reliability to Offset Supply Chain Issues”). Often, companies will “operate under a reactive or run-to-failure mindset for pumps, motors and other rotating equipment” (Bethel) which only amplifies the risks because most often today, there are very few quick replacement options for equipment breakdowns. We know that even in the best of times, repair parts and qualified personnel can be difficult to find for any number of reasons, including weather or changes in demand patterns. It is a bad bet anytime to run critical systems until they break, but now, in the aftermath of COVID, shutdowns and supply chain disruptions put owners at risk of losing critical facilities if preventable failures occur, and shortages in labor and materials make quick repairs impossible.

The better bet is to use Planned Maintenance and Inspection Programs to ensure critical systems are in good working order and to minimize the risks of unexpected equipment outages which can be prolonged by unreliable supply chains and scarcity of qualified labor. Implementing a program of Planned Maintenance for your pumps, motors, controls, and other rotating equipment can identify components which are not properly performing or worn before they fail and cause a shutdown. Planned Maintenance and Inspection can keep your equipment running reliably and can your keep operating costs down, most importantly by avoiding wasteful energy usage. Find your local PumpMan Service Center to set up an inspection and start your Planned Maintenance now: