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PumpMan Can Help When Fall’s Beautiful Foliage Becomes a Problem

Autumn is a vibrant and beautiful season; who doesn’t love the changing colors and the fall foliage?  But as lovely as the bright yellow, orange, and red leaves are as they seem to light the trees on fire, those same leaves can cause untold problems as they wither, die, and fall to the ground.  When they are not taken care of properly, fallen leaves will impact municipal stormwater systems and ultimately, the health of local waterways.

Maintaining storm drains and catch basins for your stormwater pump systems is necessary to avoid flooding and/or the property damage caused by flooding. Depending on your location and weather, your catch basins and pump systems may not have seen much use over the summer, thereby collecting dirt and debris for months. Now, as the fall approaches, the weather changes and the leaves fall, and wind and rain move more debris to the already dirty catch basins. The resulting situation can leave your pump seized up or can cause clogging from all the dirt and leaves.

Some problems that may occur include the following:

Flooding:  Storm water will back up on the street, creating pools of water that can impact property and public safety.

The Solution:
Regular cleaning and maintenance of basins and pump systems; raking and properly disposing of any fallen leaves.

Water Quality:  Ultimately, blocked storm drains can impact entire stormwater systems and even overall water quality. When water runs through standing piles of leaves, phosphorus is quick to leach out, making its way into local storm water systems. Algae blooms, green water, and foul odors will result which combine to lower oxygen levels in the water, making the water unhealthy for people, animals, and plants alike.

The Solution: The best idea? Regular cleaning and maintenance of basins and pump systems. Call in the professionals – CALL PUMPMAN!


The most effective, and in the end, the most affordable way to prevent all storm system problems is to have a planned maintenance program in place and to call in the professionals who know how to expertly manage any problems that may occur.  PumpMan is here to help! We can get your systems ready for the season and create a custom Maintenance program for all your pump system. We are professional experts in the maintenance of water and stormwater systems and can provide effective solutions. Don’t wait!