RIO DELL- A well site rehabilitation project was up for discussion Tuesday night at the Rio Dell City Council meeting.

The city is investigating and currently rehabilitating two wells that have not been used in the area for nearly a decade. Now, the city is doing testing to find if the wells can be used as an emergency source of water. It will cost around 50,000 dollars and includes the installation of three nearby wells to monitor groundwater.

City Manager of Rio Dell, Kyle Knopp said, “As we’ve seen this past summer the drought is now really at the top of the agenda for the city council but also statewide for the Governor and so we’re approaching that as an impending immediate crisis so bringing these well systems back online is the quickest avenue to solving the problem within 2015.”

Grants will fund the project. The city hopes to have more information by the end of this week on whether the wells will be able to provide an emergency source of water.

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