Pumpman Progress 2019

Local water pump companies Bartley Pump and Groundwater Pump & Well were recently acquired by PumpMan — a leading nationwide provider of water pump system service, repair and expertise. The merging of these providers brings a whole new level of pump system expertise to Sonoma County. The companies have merged to form PumpMan NorCal, located in Santa Rosa, which strives to provide the best customer service to those using or looking to use water pump systems. Pump Man Progress... Read More

Value Outweighs Cost

Five Reasons to Schedule Planned Maintenance: Most engineers and pump specialists consider efficiency, price, durability, and maintenance costs when designing pump systems. However, as we know, many older systems were not developed with these standards in mind, and now hang precariously on the edge of breakdown. Scheduled maintenance programs, such as the services performed by PumpMan, have become the industry standard for extending the health and life expectancy of your pumps and pump... Read More

Under Pressure to Check Those Pressure Reducing Valves?

Seven Things You Don’t Want to Ignore: Randy Abramovic PumpMan Pittsburgh September 2017 - John Wooden, American basketball player and head coach at UCLA, once said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” This quote comes to mind with pressure reducing valves. Small increments of change can result in large effects, which can be positive and allow things to function properly or can result in catastrophic failures. Due to budget... Read More

Videoing Water Wells

Performing a down hole video on a water well (also known as a Water Well Video Survey) is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to get a visual of what’s going on in water well. Over time the conditions of a well can deteriorate and if a water well professional only evaluates what’s going on top side it can lead to a lot of guess work. By performing a well video the contractor can eliminate the guess work, locate plugged well screens, locate damaged casing and evaluate the overall health... Read More

The Importance of Bacteria Testing

Recently the Press Democrat ran an article about Bacterial contamination found in multiple private wells in the Boonville area. While the article discusses how these positive tests are adding fuel to the fire for a modernized water system in that area, it glosses over some pretty important facts about Bacterial contamination in private wells. National Groundwater Association’s website www.wellowner.org lists easy to read and important information about bacteria contamination in water... Read More