Pump Energy Saving Tips

This is a series of Energy Saving Tips we be posting over time; The first series consist of 5 tips to help your water and wastewater pump system run more efficiently. Read More

PumpMan® Expands Southern California Coverage

PumpMan®, a leader in the sales, service, maintenance, and repair of pumps, motor, and control systems in the United States, announces the acquisition of Ransom Pump & Supply based in Ramona, CA. Ransom Pump & Supply will join PumpMan’s Baldwin Park-based PumpMan SoCal and PumpMan San Diego in serving, the commercial, industrial, municipal, agriculture and multi-unit residential pump systems in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial counties. Read More

Reliability & Maintenance Programs are More Important in COVID Times

With today’s supply chain issues, one sure way to minimize disruptions to daily facilities operations and maximize efficient electric motors and machinery is to think “reliability.” In this context, reliability means the “application of knowledge and technology to identify correctible conditions that would otherwise lead to failure, thus extending the life of a company’s assets” (Bethel, “How to Use Reliability to Offset Supply Chain Issues”). Often, companies will “operate... Read More

Prep Your Pumps Before You Leave & Other Vacation Tips from PumpMan

These five quick and simple tasks can help avoid a disaster while you're away. Turn Off the Main Water Supply Nothing ruins a good vacation like coming home to a major leak and resulting damage. To avoid this, turn off your main water supply if you’re going to be gone for a week or more. (It's even a good idea if you're only be gone for a few days.) Check the Sump Pump Another type of water—rainwater—can also be a nightmare. If your sump pump fails while you're gone and a... Read More

Our Aging Water Systems

The Forgotten and Failing Infrastructure A proper plan must invest in water and promote innovation and planned maintenance. What lies beneath? In many cities and towns, the mystery of our aging infrastructure isn’t apparent until something goes wrong – possibly a water main break or a sewage back up. It often takes a service crew to unveil the age, location, quality and condition of the pipes and pumps and unfortunately, our aging systems often take a backseat to repairing... Read More