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multistage pump repair

Multistage Pumps use multiple impellers with either diffusers or volutes to generate more head than single stage (single impeller) pumps. This is achieved by developing high pressures with a single centrifugal pump by including multiple impellers on a common shaft within the same pump casing. Internal channels in the pump casing route the discharge of one impeller to the suction of another impeller. Available in horizontal and vertical orientations. These pumps are used in hi-rise booster pump systems, boiler feed, condensate as well as others.


Multistage Pump casing may be split radially or axially. Axial thrust may or may not be balanced out, depending on design. Impellers are enclosed design with diffuser or volute casing.


Multistage Pumps apply to higher pressure services such as boiler feed water, condensate, pipelines, reverse osmosis, and decaling.

Recommended Media

Multistage Pumps pump water and relatively thin liquids (won’t pump thicker oils). Normally not used for liquids containing solids. Available in alloys for corrosive services.


Multistage Pumps are the best way to get high pressure with a centrifugal pump. Thrust loads may be lower than single stage designs..

PumpMan Socal Multistage Pump Repair Services:

PumpMan Socal can repair, rebuild, redesign, or upgrade your Multistage Pump to get it back in service as quick as possible with the reliability that you expect. We stand behind every rebuild or repair with our 100% workmanship guarantee. PumpMan Socal’s Planned Maintenance Programs create peace of mind and system longevity.