PumpMan Pittsburgh knows water. Our knowledge, training, and experience enable us to offer a broad portfolio of products, equipment, and solutions for municipal treatment facilities. We are your sole source to help optimize pretreatment, filtration, and storage.

W.C. Weil offers a complete water-treatment system package: water booster pump station, mixing and circulation, disinfection, valves, storage, and stand-by power system. Our decades of experience – and willingness to service what we sell – sets us apart and ensures your peace of mind knowing that we are always here as your trusted partner.


BRENTWOOD. As a leader in the industry, Brentwood provides robust and cost-effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of the drinking water and wastewater markets. Brentwood’s innovative designs, manufacturing standards, and applications expertise have resulted in field-proven products of the highest quality, recognized for performance and long-lasting service.

Brentwood’s solutions include:

  • Polychem® nonmetallic chain and flight scraper systems
  • Tube settler systems
  • SedVac® sediment dredge systems
  • Trickling filter media and components
  • AccuFAS® submerged fixed-film systems

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IMC CONSULTING is an independent company dedicated to finding real solutions for water and wastewater providers. IMC offers a wide array of services by highly skilled and experienced consultants.

IMC Consulting Services Include:

  • Filter Evaluation
  • Storage Tank Inspection and Evaluation
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance Solutions

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LOPREST, a division of WRT, specializes in pressure filtration and treatment processes for the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, PFAS, turbidity, and other contaminants. With hundreds of installations throughout California and the world, Loprest has provided efficient, economical, environmentally progressive, and proven water treatment solutions for over 90 years.

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PALL, which maintains the widest array of integrated membrane systems, is committed to continuous innovation. A PALL membrane filtration system is a proven barrier to waterborne parasites, particles, and organic matter. A PALL system reliably meets or exceeds the highest standards for drinking water quality at the lowest cost of operation.

PALL Membrane Systems Include:

  • Mobile Water Solutions
  • Packaged Water Treatment
  • Custom Water Systems
  • Mobile and Packaged Reverse Osmosis

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Roberts Filter Group manufactures integrated, factory-built pumping, metering, and control systems for municipal water distribution equipment. It all starts with your specific needs and ends with a custom design, built to meet your exact application requirements.

Roberts Filter Group Products and Solutions for Plant Operations:

  • Gravity Filtration
  • Package Filtration Products
  • Package Filtration Plants
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Pressure Filtration

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