PumpMan Pittsburgh provides our customers with a complete range of products and solutions for moving water and wastewater. We also offer advanced monitoring and control equipment for reliable, high pump efficiency in multiple applications.

Our broad product range and extensive industry experience ensure the right pumping solution that meets your specific needs.


CLA-VAL COMPANY has been a leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control valves that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improving supply and distribution system efficacy while helping to save water and reduce usage through pressure optimization.

Waterworks Automatic Control Valves Include:

  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pump Control Valves
  • Solenoid Control Valves
  • Altitude and Level Control Valves
  • Air Release Valves
  • Check Valves

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EGGER TURO PUMPS N.A. Swiss Manufacturer of Specialty Process Equipment for Municipal Wastewater Industry.

Products include:

  • Turo Fully Recessed, Vortex Impeller, Hard-Metal Pumps for Sludge, Scum, & Grit.
  • EOS Semi-Open Backswept Impeller Dry-Pit Pumps with Externally Adjustable Wear Plate for Sewage.
  • Iris Process Control Valves for Advanced Control for the Aeration Basins.
  • RPP/RPG Axial Flow Elbow Pumps for Mixed Liquor Transfer.

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ENGINEERED FLUID, INC. manufactures integrated, factory-built pumping, metering, and control systems for municipal water distribution equipment. It all starts with your specific needs and ends with a custom design, built to meet your exact application requirements.

EFI’s Prefabricated Products Include:

  • Water Booster Stations
  • Control Valve Stations
  • Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Pressure Relief Stations
  • Altitude Valve Stations
  • Master Meter Stations

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F.E. MYERS (PENTAIR) offers a submersible grinder pump package, which has proven to be a superior solution that is cost-effective and minimally disruptive to the natural environment.

F.E. Myers (Pentair) Submersible Grinder Pump Package Includes:

  • Submersible Centrifugal Grinder Pump
  • SRA Rail System
  • Fiberglass Basin
  • Three Floats
  • Control Panel

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FAIRBANKS NIJHUIS (PENTAIR) pumps can be found in a multitude of municipal sewage treatment plant applications, ranging from raw influent and return-activated sludge to filter backwash and effluent. These pumps are soundly constructed for trouble-free operations, with impellers designed specifically for free passage of solid and fibrous matter.

Fairbanks Nijhuis (Pentair) Pumps Features Include:

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quiet Operation
  • Space Saving and Flexible Installation
  • Horizontal or Vertical Operation

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Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Immersible Pumps are capable of continuously operating in a dry installation. They run with equal performance either in an air installation, or in a fully or partially submerged configuration. Hidrostal Immersible Pumps successfully handle difficult municipal wastewater. Viscous liquids, fragile flocs, and even fish pose no problem.

Hidrostal Product Highlights Include:

  • Quiet Running
  • Cool Exterior
  • No Leakage of Product
  • Compact
  • Pump Easily Opened for Inspection
  • Vertical or Horizontal Installation
  • Clean Odor-Free Waste Water Pump Stations

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HYDROMATIC (PENTAIR) offers a complete line of wastewater and effluent pumps. From submersible solids handling and grinders to large above-ground, self-priming pumps. Hydromatic’s wide range of quality pumps and packaged systems provides an all-inclusive solution that meets the needs of today’s complex wastewater customers.

Hydromatic Pump Offerings Include:

  • Submersible Solids Handling Pumps
  • Submersible Grinder Pumps
  • Dry Pit Pumps
  • Vortex Pumps
  • Complete Basin Packages

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Penn Valley Pump Co., Inc manufactures the rugged and reliable Double Disc Pump™ for municipal and industrial water and wastewater and industrial process applications. The pump has great solids handling capability and is typically used on higher viscosity sludges and slurries. The unique pump design does not rely on close tolerances to create flow providing for low life cycles cost.

Products benefits include:

  • Low friction – Low wear design
  • Runs dry without damage
  • No mechanical seals or seal water requirement
  • Low to No routine maintenance
  • Maintain-in-Place hinged housing design
  • Made in the USA

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Precision Systems manufactures packaged mechanical/electrical systems for standby power generators. Their primary customer is the municipal water and wastewater industry. The Power-Pac system is appropriate for any generator application that requires increased life and reliability and reduced noise output.

Precision Systems Feature Benefits Include:

  • Fiberglass-Enclosed
  • Corrosion-Resistant Finish
  • Protects Valuable Equipment
  • Sound Attenuation

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Smith & Loveless, Inc. offers a diverse array of water and wastewater treatment and pumping solutions for the varied needs of municipalities, from pumping systems, headworks systems, wastewater treatment systems to all sectors of water treatment and distribution.

Smith & Loveless, Inc. Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Products:

  • Pumping Stations
  • Underground Pump Stations
  • Pump Station Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Screens
  • Grit Removal
  • Grit Pumping
  • Grit Washing and Dewatering
  • Headworks Retrofits
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Aeration and Mixing
  • Clarifiers
  • Filtration Systems
  • Separator Systems
  • Water Boosters
  • ION Exchange Systems

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VALMET Flow Control is a global leader in flow control solutions and services. Our valves, pumps and valve technologies are known for quality, reliability and highest safety. Our customers operate in pulp, paper and board industry, mining and metals, chemicals, refining, energy and many other process industries. With our market-leading expertise, products and services we are committed to bring your business forward.

VALMET Flow Control Includes:

  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Pinch Valves
  • Knifegate Valves
  • Duckbill Check Valves

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Established in 1960, Vaughan Company is the industry leader in reliable chopper pumps and mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. With more than 6 decades of experience, Vaughan Company remains committed to giving customers outstanding service and the most dependable product solutions in the world. Our pumps and systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the unique needs of any installation. With over 40 worldwide issued patents or pending patents, Vaughan provides cutting edge equipment across the globe. All Vaughan products are proudly made in the USA at the factory in Montesano, WA. Find your reliable pumping solution by calling 888-249-CHOP.

See over 60 years of experience in action: Chopper Pump Demo Video

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WACO Environmental. Fabrication of flow control slide gates (sluice gates), level control weir gates and tilting weirs, stop gates, stop logs, flap gates, and telescopic valves. Manual, electric and hydraulic operators. Static barscreens, screen gates, and debris baskets. Water, wastewater and stormwater applications in aluminum and stainless steel alloys.

Product Includes:

  • slide gates (sluice gates)
  • weir gates and tilting weirs
  • stop gates
  • stop logs
  • flap gates (tide gates)
  • telescopic valves
  • static barscreens
  • screen gates

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WASTEWATER LEVEL offers its FOGROD, a fail-safe lift station level device designed with the simplicity of floats but requiring less maintenance. Significantly simpler than ultrasonics, FOGROD can’t fail like pressure transducers.

Wastewater Level FOGROD Benefits:

  • No Moving Parts, Sensors, or Electronics in the Wetwell
  • Failsafe
  • Simple and Quick to Install
  • No Rewiring of Your Control System
  • No Configuration or Calibration
  • As Easy to Understand as Floats
  • Class 1 Division 2 with No Barrier, Division 1 with Barrier

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