PumpMan Pittsburgh understands the importance of headworks and its essential purpose of sludge dewatering, screening, and grit removal in the wastewater process. Our extensive equipment offering will be specifically matched to meet your individual customer requirements and operational plant conditions.

Don’t let unwanted debris slow or stop your treatment plant. W.C. Weil is prepared to discuss a variety of solutions to enhance plant operations through improved pump operation, reliable dewatering and washing processes, and more dependable downstream equipment operations.


ELGIN SEPARATION SOLUTIONS designs and fabricates intake systems that are the first line of defense for your municipal, industrial, irrigation, or hydro power plant. These unsung heroes keep fish safe and protect your pumps and turbines from harmful debris. Elgin’s intake solutions deliver water to your system in a way that is both efficient and environmentally safe.

Elgin Separation Solution’s Offerings Include:

  • Cylindrical / Flat Wedge Wire Intake Screens
  • Copper Nickel Intake Solutions
  • Screen Cleaning Systems (AirBurst / IceBreak)
  • Coanda Screens
  • Side Hill Screens

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Hydro International provides industry leading high-performance Advanced Grit Management® systems, sludge pre-treatment technologies, flow control solutions, wet weather treatment equipment, and stormwater solutions custom engineered to solve some of our municipal and industrial client’s most significant site-specific wastewater challenges.

Hydro International’s wastewater products include:

  • HeadCell®
  • Grit King®
  • OpTeaCup™
  • SlurryCup™
  • TeaCup®
  • Hydro GritCleanse®
  • Grit Snail®
  • Decanter
  • SpiraSnail®
  • Hydro-Sludge® Screen

We also offer Compact Grit Removal systems specifically designed to address the needs of smaller wastewater treatment plants. Visit Hydro International’s website.

JWC Environmental is a world leader in solids reduction and removal equipment solutions for municipal wastewater collections, headworks and bio-solids operations. We offer our legendary Muffin Monster ® grinders and screening Monster Separation Systems ® , along with vast service and technical expertise, to solve unique wastewater processing challenges. JWC’s extensive range of grinders provide superior protection for pumps and downstream equipment, reducing unplanned operations downtime at pump stations and WWTPs. With superior solids separation capabilities, our portfolio of dewatering and separation systems are unmatched, increasing efficiencies and reducing service issues in wastewater treatment processes. Since 1973, JWC has been a trusted partner in the municipal wastewater industry. Learn more about how we can fulfill your solids reduction and removal needs.

Our product line includes:

  • Grinders
  • Fine Screens
  • Coarse Screens
  • Screenings Treatments
  • Septage and Grease Receiving
  • Maintenance and Service

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Kusters Water, a division of Zima Corporation, is an industry leader, offering superior product technologies for Headworks, Thickening, Clarification, Biosolids, Odor Control and Biological. USA based In house manufacturing, UL listed controls and product assembly, combined with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system, ensures our customers receive the very best products and services. For more than 30 years the Kusters Water team has been introducing innovative technologies to the water and wastewater industry and our diverse product offering enables Kusters Water to provide complete treatment solutions for our customers.

Parkson is a leading provider of equipment and advanced solutions in water and wastewater treatment. We design, engineer and assemble products with advanced screening, aeration, biological, clarification, filtration, ENR, pumping, and biosolids thickening solutions for both municipal and industrial applications. We have a highly trained field service and aftermarket team capable of completely rebuilding aging equipment or retrofitting equipment to include the latest technological advancements. In addition, our Water Research Facility can provide laboratory analysis and pilot testing to ensure a system / systems can perform to meet your specific needs.

The company was founded in 1960 and has been owned by Axel Johnson Inc. since 1967. Parkson is branded around the core business of “Treating Water Right,” which defines it future business ambitions focused around the core water market.

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SAVECO is a headworks company supplying screening and solids/grit management equipment to the wastewater industry.

SAVECO’s Headworks Products Include:

  • Filter Screens
  • Screening and Dewatering
  • Rotating Drum Screens
  • FOG and Sludge Screening
  • Grit and Solids Separators
  • Conveyors for Screening and Sludge

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