Well Abandonment

What About Abandoned Wells?

It is important to remember that wells that are not in use have can have an effect on other wells nearby and surrounding water tables. If you have a well that is not in use it must be properly capped or destroyed to prevent contamination of that well and possibly others.

Our approach to well destruction employs the use of explosives and blast perforating methods within water wells.

Here’s how it well abandonment works:

  • The explosion creates projectiles that penetrate the casing
  • A high velocity detonating cord rips seams and joints, thus enlarging the holes created by the projectiles
  • After detonation, charges are placed in the well, and it is then filled with cement. This works as a stemming, which stops upward movement, directing energy out to the casing walls and into the formation

While there are several reasons for well abandonment, the primary reason has to do with eliminating the risk of contamination from surface water that seeps into the well, or if one aquifer begins to merge with another.

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