Advance Hydro Well Development Tool

We’ve done it!

Pumpman Norcal has developed a new well-development method that works better than the old air lift methods.

The Old Method

Previous, similar re-development tools used an air lift method, at best this will only you give you a rough idea of how you are progressing during the re-development process.

Why is it so ineffective? It only provides a guess or estimate.

  • There is no way to accurately measure
  • Cannot measure Sand Production
  • Cannot measure Draw Down (pumping level) with the air-lift method
  • Cannot measure the flow rate with the air-lift method requires a container and stop watch, (but you can’t measure the flow on a constant basis)

Most specifications call for swabbing, brushing and or cleaning a well for so many “minutes per foot” of perforation, or a “prescribed number of hours”, with no mention of “Let’s Do This Job Until You See The Results You Want” The only way you will know if you have done any good, is when you re-install the permanent pump, and if the job is not complete, or not up to your expectations, it would be very costly to remove the permanent pump, and re-swab the well.


The New Method

Gives you accurate data on:

  • GPM
  • Specific Capacity (draw Down)
  • Sand Production
  • Accurately Measures Your Improvement, while you are in each perforated zone.

You see all of this information or data (or both) as you perform the re-development work.

You Can Trust Us

Ron Foster Sr has studied Groundwater Aquifers and re-develop methods around the world, for 55 years and Knows the Well development Process. Co-authored with the national Groundwater Assn, “Water Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation Technology”

Ron Foster Jr has studied Groundwater Aquifers and well rehabilitation techniques for 34 years and helped design this new tool.

Brian Bradford, Field Supervisor, has extensive experience in water well rehabilitation and uses his experience to lead the rehab team.