Submersible Well Pump Repair and Replacement

With both the pump and connected motor submerged in water, submersibles are most often used in vertical water wells. However, horizontal floating systems can be used in agricultural reservoirs and inclined systems can be used in “slant tubes” at reservoir embankments. Increased “head” or pressure can be obtained by increasing the number of stages or bowls.

Four-inch diameter pump/motor combinations, commonly used in 5” or 6” diameter residential wells are available from 5-90 GPM. Larger units, in capacities up to 1500 GPM and 200HP, are available for agricultural, commercial or municipal use.

Short coupled units, installed in a can or pot, usually below grade to minimize noise, are used as booster pumps; i.e. to provide flow at increased pressure. Submersible pumps, when acting as booster pumps, can also be installed inside storage tanks.