Storage Tank Sales and Installation

Installing a storage tank provides capacity for applications like fire protection, sprinkler systems (new home construction typically requires 35-45 GPM) and agricultural applications. Pumpman Norcal can help with manways, fittings, site gauges, fire kits, gravel foundation rings, booster pumps and related equipment plus installation and startup as required.

Pumpman Norcal is qualified to work with the following types of storage tanks:

  • Polyethylene (300-10,000 gallon, above grade on any level firm surface)
  • Cistern (poly) (300-2,500 gallon, heavily ribbed to withstand below grade external pressure)
  • Concrete (5,000-12,000 gallon, above or below grade)
  • Steel (corrugated galvanized, bolted or welded 10,000-150,000 gallon for above grade storage)