Pumping systems generally consist of the pump, motor, controls, piping, valves and instrumentation. But did you know that during a pump system’s life cycle, over 75% of its total expense is the cost of energy consumption? Fortunately, through system maintenance and component upgrades, you can reduce operating costs, extend the system’s life, and avoid wasteful energy consumption.

PumpMan can help by evaluating your pump system performance by ensuring all components are working as designed or to identify system upgrades to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. New high-efficiency components or systems can reduce energy consumption by as a 50%. For example, adding a Variable Speed Drive (VFD) will reduce energy consumption and decrease the stress on your system, extending the life of all components, especially bearings and seals.

Older motors, even those in good working order, were built to meet the now outdated and less-efficient energy standards. In 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act created new motor efficiency regulations. In response, a new classification of motors — NEMA Premium Efficient motors – were designed improve efficiency through new technology. It is estimated that over ten years, these motors will save 5,800 gigawatts of electricity and prevent the release of nearly 80 million metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent to keeping 16 million cars off the road. Updating to an energy-efficient motor will increase the entire system efficiency and the long-term savings will far outweigh the initial acquisition and installation costs.

Planned Maintenance Programs (PMPs) can ensure that all pump system components are in good working order. Shafts can become misaligned, belts or bearings worn, and dirt and debris can enter the motor or control housing – all of which can result in higher energy use and accelerated component wear, increasing the likelihood of system failure, usually when you least expect it. Regular PMP inspections can identify problems and provide solutions to help ensure continual system reliability and efficiency.
PumpMan’s technical teams are here to help you optimize the performance and energy efficiency of your pump, motor and instrumentation systems. Through system audits, inspections, planned maintenance service calls, and emergency repair calls, the PumpMan team can work with you to diagnose, upgrade, redesign or repair your systems to reduce your operating costs and downtime, and to ensure that you avoid wasting valuable and scarce water and energy resources. Find your local PumpMan Service Center to set up an inspection and start your Planned Maintenance now: https://pumpman.com/all-locations/