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Pump System Solution: New Technology, Quick Delivery, Hands on Demo Completes System Upgrade

PumpMan SoCal received an urgent call from a Hotel Casino/Resort in Riverside County, California, stating they were experiencing sewage pump failures which they believed were caused by clogging. PumpMan’s on-site inspection revealed that the mechanical shaft seals were failing on pump number one. The root cause of the failure was that the system was designed […]

PumpMan Can Help When Fall’s Beautiful Foliage Becomes a Problem

Autumn is a vibrant and beautiful season; who doesn’t love the changing colors and the fall foliage?  But as lovely as the bright yellow, orange, and red leaves are as they seem to light the trees on fire, those same leaves can cause untold problems as they wither, die, and fall to the ground.  When […]

Is Your Business Prepared for Record Rainfall?

Did you know that flooding is the most common and the most expensive natural disaster in the United States? According to Angela Underwood and the news site, Stacker, there has been more than “$850 million in damages since 2000” as reported by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and rainfall affect homes, […]

Motor and System Upgrades to Increase Efficiency and an Overall Lifetime of Savings

Planned Maintenance Programs (PMPs) can ensure that all pump system components are in good working order. Shafts can become misaligned, belts or bearings worn, and dirt and debris can enter the motor or control housing – all of which can result in higher energy use and accelerated component wear, increasing the likelihood of system failure, usually when you least expect it. Regular PMP inspections can identify problems and provide solutions to help ensure continual system reliability and efficiency.

Reliability & Maintenance Programs are More Important in COVID Times

With today’s supply chain issues, one sure way to minimize disruptions to daily facilities operations and maximize efficient electric motors and machinery is to think “reliability.” In this context, reliability means the “application of knowledge and technology to identify correctible conditions that would otherwise lead to failure, thus extending the life of a company’s assets” […]