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Commercial | Industrial | Municipal Water and Wastewater System Solutions

PumpMan is a leading provider of ONSITE maintenance, repair and replacement of pumps, motors, controls, valves, water wells and other equipment used in the water and wastewater systems of industry, offices, multi-family residential and municipalities. Our focus is on serving the needs of property owners and managers to optimize the energy efficiency, water consumption and overall performance of their water and wastewater delivery systems.

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We are a leading provider of on-site maintenance, repair, and replacement for all components in water and wastewater pumping systems found in commercial, industrial, municipal, and multi-family residential applications.

PumpMan provides services for repair, service, sales, and support for these and many more:

We partner with Property Owners, Managers, Sub-Contractors, and Engineering consultants to optimize the energy efficiency, water consumption and overall performance of their water and wastewater delivery systems.

  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Controls
  • Valves
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Water Wells
  • Upgrades/Redesigns
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Emergency Repair

PumpMan is proud to be a part of the Harrington Family and will be providing pump repair, service, installation and maintenance in applicable markets.

Water, Wastewater and
Stormwater Systems

Water is fundamental to our lives. Water and wastewater systems provide our homes, businesses, factories, and cities with fresh water and the means to remove wastewater in a safe and efficient manner. In order to be reliable and energy efficient, pumps, motors, valves and other components in our water and wastewater systems need to be designed and maintained properly. The largest cost in the lifecycle of a water and wastewater pumping system is energy. Regular system maintenance and inspections can ensure system reliability and avoid wasting scarce energy resources.

Why Choose PumpMan

PumpMan’s technicians are qualified to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and install pumps, motors and valves, used in water and wastewater systems. When a system is failing or not operational the technician’s focus is to get you back in operation and to develop the plan for a permanent fix as efficiently and timely as possible.

The Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Pumps and motors in the water and wastewater system are often out of sight and therefore out of mind. Planned maintenance ensures that pump system components are in good working order and free of obstructions which can cause unexpected downtime or performance shortfalls. By establishing a performance baseline and tracking performance over time we pinpoint system issues. Through regular inspection and maintenance programs, small problems can be identified and corrected before they turn into big failures, wasting water, energy, system inefficiency and costly repairs.